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Tanner Award
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Courses Taught as Primary Instructor:

Ancient Greek Philosophy, UNC-Chapel Hill, summer 2014; summer 2016. (Syllabus)
Introduction to Philosophy of Western Religion, UNC-Chapel Hill summer 2015. (Syllabus)
Introduction to Ethics, UNC-Chapel Hill, spring 2015. (Syllabus)
Introduction to Philosophy (Online), UNC-Chapel Hill, summer 2013, fall 2013, spring 2014.
Experience and Reality, UNC-Chapel Hill, summer 2017. (Syllabus)
Problems in Philosophy, Washington University in St. Louis, fall 2017. (Syllabus

Courses Taught as Teaching Assistant:

Philosophy of Science, taught by Marc Lange, UNC-Chapel Hill, fall 2014.
Introduction to Ethics, taught by Geoffrey Sayre-McCord, UNC-Chapel Hill, spring 2013.
Introduction to Philosophy, taught by Ram Neta, UNC-Chapel, fall 2012.