Courses Taught:

Metaphysics: UAB, Spring 2021

Ethics in the Digital Age: Calvin College, January term 2020

Epistemology: Calvin College, Spring 2019

Introduction to Logic, Calvin College, fall 2018, fall 2019; UAB, Fall 2020

Fundamental Questions in Philosophy: Calvin College, fall 2018, spring 2019, spring 2020

Problems in Philosophy, Washington University in St. Louis, fall 2017

Experience and Reality, UNC-Chapel Hill, summer 2017

Introduction to Philosophy of Western Religion, UNC-Chapel Hill summer 2015

Introduction to Ethics, UNC-Chapel Hill, spring 2015; UAB, Fall 2020

Ancient Greek Philosophy, UNC-Chapel Hill, summer 2014; summer 2016

Introduction to Philosophy: UNC-Chapel Hill, summer 2013, fall 2013, spring 2014; UAB, Spring 2021